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We continue our online worship for the time being. Please view our building safety protocols and our weekly update as we move toward reopening.

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    We will continue to have bi-weekly gatherings through zoom through the month of July. Please contact Sister Dottie if you want to be included. We have two groups: Middle School (grades 5-8) and High School (Grades 9-12). Contact Sister Dottie at for more information about these events!



    Camp is open… for hiking and cabin rentals!  Although summer camp cannot happen this summer, you can still visit camp for a hike for a day or rent a cabin for your family at Nawakwa or Kirchenwald for a weekend. The Hoslers visited Nawakwa for a weekend recently and enjoyed hiking, exploring, and cooking out on a campfire! Cabins are available with private baths or even entire     kitchens. Contact Joy & Lyle Hosler at with any questions. Camp is a relaxing escape from the world.



    We are striving to reach out to as many people as possible to communicate the various online resources that we are making available to you during this time. Please contact Sandy in the church office if your email address has changed or if you are not currently receiving the newsletter digitally so we can add you to the list.



    Sometime in the next few months, you will be receiving a call from either a staff member or a volunteer asking to update your family’s information. The goal is to establish an accurate membership role. It is part of the important strategic plan that is being developed.  If you receive a message, please respond, it is important to our future!

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Simple Gifts

I had my first (and only, as far as I can predict) Covid wedding this past weekend at St. Peter’s.  Just over twenty people … masks all around … social distance seating in the pews … and in the bridal party – the bride and groom were together, but the two attendants – the best…

Devotions @ Home

Here is the next edition of Devotions@Home a daily selection of readings for personal study which respond to the previous Sunday and lead us to the coming Sunday. Set within a short prayer service, this may be a new way to cultivate a habit of reading the Bible for a few minutes each day. Feel…

Pentecost 9 Preview

In today’s first reading God invites all who are hungry or thirsty to receive food and drink without cost. Jesus feeds the hungry multitude and reveals the abundance of God. At the eucharistic table we remember all who are hungry or poor in our world today. As we share the bread of life, we are…

August 2020 Herald

This month’s Herald is available for download Inside This Issue . . . Worship Schedule – 2 Safe Church Recommendations – 2 Adult Christian Ed. – 3 Committees – 6 Worship & Music – 7 Groups & Events – 7 Pastoral Letters – 8 From the Director of Music – 10 St. Peter’s Kids –…

The Masks We Wear

Years from now we will look back on this era with dismay. For one thing, it was the time of wearing masks. We will find a collection of masks we wore, stored away as symbolic artifacts of a strange time. Nothing new, actually – human beings have always worn masks – and always will –  Experts say…

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  • Rev. Craig Ross
    Rev. Craig Ross

    Senior Pastor

  • Rev. Sarah Teichmann
    Rev. Sarah Teichmann

    Pastor of Christian Formation

  • Sister Dottie Almoney
    Sister Dottie Almoney

    Director of Education & Outreach

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