St. Peter’s Preschool nurtures children in the social, physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual areas of development!

Through freedom in a structured environment, the children are encouraged to explore, experiment, create, act out, and discover at his/her own pace. Teachers concentrate on individual growth and development as well as group learning experiences.


The mission of St. Peter’s Preschool is to be available to preschool children regardless of race, color, gender, religion, or national origin; to provide a safe, healthy and Christian environment in which young children can grow and learn under the guidance of an experienced and compassionate staff; and to complement and support the family unit and provide every opportunity for meaningful involvement of parents in the education of their children.

The Organization

St. Peter’s Preschool, established in 1986, is a non-profit organization, which meets in the education wing of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church. A Board of Directors, which includes the Preschool Director and nine directly appointed members representing the church congregation, community members, and Preschool parents govern the Preschool. The Board meets approximately eight times throughout the year.


St. Peter’s Preschool offers programs to children two through five years of age. Each class is staffed with a teacher and teacher assistant and is limited in class size to maintain a low student- teacher ratio. A variety of “hands on” developmentally appropriate learning experiences are provided. Classes run approximately from September to May. Registration is open to the community beginning in February. Several openings may be available throughout the school year. Interested persons may call Lorraine DiBernardo at the church office; 717-569-9211.



Our Preschool uses classrooms in the Christian Education wing of the church. The Fellowship Hall, Assembly Hall and kitchen are used for large group activities. The rooms are well equipped with child-sized furnishings offering creative work/play opportunities. Equipment to encourage gross motor play is available with a large indoor area for riding toys, slides, balls and hoops.

Why Choose St. Peter’s Preschool?

  • Trained, experienced teachers with high staff retention
  • Large, bright, well equipped classrooms
  • New interior courtyard playground
  • On site library
  • Gym/Bicycle Room
  • Security System
  • Preschool Pals extended day program
  • Soccer Shots
  • Classes for children ages 2 thru 5
  • 4 day pre-k program
  • Over 25 years of serving families

Get in Touch

Ready to take the next step? Send us your name and email and our Preschool Director will get in touch!