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A Mother’s Love

Traditional Sermon Pentecost 11 The other night my husband and I were sitting around and Erik was reading some quotes about parenthood. Several of them came from the actor Ryan Reynolds who has a thing or two to say about this crazy thing called parenting. Some of his more famous quotes include:  And this one:…

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Is The Bar Set Too High?

Traditional Sermon, Pentecost 16 So typically, I am not a huge fan of reality TV programs. Some of them feel to me as though they are constantly just trying to stir up drama and conflict between people and I guess I just feel as though there is enough drama and conflict in the world without…

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What are your demons?

Traditional Sermon, Pentecost 5 After crossing over the water, Jesus stepped out of the boat, and was met by a man full of demons. They shouted at him, and their name was Legion. Now there’s a bad start to your day, accosted by a naked demon possessed man named Legion. Legion is a military word…