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Regard for Suffering

“We must learn to regard people less in light of what they do or omit to do, and move in light of what they suffer.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer
This quote reminds me everyday of Christ’s compassion and consideration for all parties, which is why it hangs where I must see it.

Do I Really Have to Read the Manual?

What Comes as Standard Equipment for Anyone Calling Themselves a Christian? As you know, today is Trinity Sunday. And since my husband and I recently got a new car and I’ve been trying to read the manual, I’d like us to consider what safety features come as standard equipment in the most basic model. Not…

Trinity Sunday

New Day Sermon Trinity Sunday What can we really say about the Trinity? We have lots of words, all of which try to describe it. Maybe it is as simple as God’s creative efforts to be present to us “in many and various ways.”

A Pentecost Moment

The first half of today’s sermon was delivered as an oral narrative from the sanctuary floor and is identified by bold-italic text. The remaining traditional sermon comments are in regular print. When the day came, I found myself surrounded by lots of people.  I heard languages that I could not understand.  I heard Spanish being…

Easter 7

New Day Sermon Easter 7 We yearn to find unity in our world and in our communities, but as often as not we come up short. As Jesus concluded his high priestly prayer in St. John’s Gospel, he reminded the disciples (and us) that unity is something God gifts to us, since the first days…

One Love

Traditional Sermon Easter 7 “One love, one heart. Let’s get together and feel all right” Bob Marley friends. Bob Marley. Didn’t think I would ever be singing a reggae tune in worship, but God works in mysterious ways! Bob Marley’s song about unity was written in the midst of great turmoil in his homeland of…


How excited I was to find two apps that would really come in handy. One was a sleep timer for music and the other was a fitness monitor. As it turned out, I never installed either one. I could not accept the terms and conditions of use. In today’s passage, Jesus asks for obedience (willingness to accept God’s terms) in order for us to gain the most benefit from the presence of God’s Holy Spirit. It’s absolutely free.