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What are you looking for?

New Day Sermon Epiphany 2 We’re always looking for something … relationships, success, acknowledgement, love, satisfaction, meaning … the list is endless. Early in his ministry, Jesus offers the simple (yet profound) question to two disciples … “What are you looking for?’ Dare we allow Jesus to ask the same of us?

An Unexpected Christmas Gift

7:30 Pm Christmas Eve Service Christmas blessings to you my friends–my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. This is a night filled with joy and anticipation. So much anticipation–from the weeks of preparation you may have made to receive family members into your homes, to the hours of baking and shopping for the perfect gift…or…

The High-Low Days

Today we get to hear about holy messages–some delivered by the mouths of prophets and some delivered by angelic messengers. Last Saturday a messenger of the Lord appeared to me. Okay…it wasn’t an angel. It was a musician. And he didn’t appear to me. He was streamed to me on the internet. His name is…