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A Meaning-Filled Life

Traditional Sermon Pentecost 8 The Teichmann’s are going on vacation soon! I’ve been counting the days. BUT…first we have to pack. Oh the packing. We started putting together a list of the stuff we’ll need. The list keeps on getting longer. At this rate, we’ll need to tow a U-haul trailer behind us for all…

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Stewardship of Life

New Day Sermon Pentecost 25 A modest glitch in our recording software lost two minutes of the sermon introduction. The introduction simply set the table for why this pastor loves when the story of the Widow of Zarepheth shows up as one of the assigned lessons for a Sunday service in stewardship.  The sermon picks…

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Who Is the Real You?

Pentecost 19 Traditional Sermon William Willimon, professor at Duke Divinity School, writes this in his book, Remember Who You Are. Back in high school, every Friday and Saturday night, as I was leaving home to go on a date, I remember my mother bidding me farewell at the front door with these weighty words, ‘Don’t…

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Are You Ready?

TRADITIONAL SERMON PENTECOST 12 Friday morning’s paper led with this sentence under their front page story on the Olympic Games which opened on Friday night.  “Even if only for two weeks, can “Faster-Higher-Stronger” overpower “deadlier, scarier and bloodier?” And as I read further, I knew I would be changing my opening to this morning’s sermon. …