Mission Campaign

Faith In Our Future

Since St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church was founded, generations of our church family have focused on fulfilling our mission to “build a community of faith by God’s Grace.” Today, this outreach is needed more than ever as we seek to meet the evolving needs of our congregation, community, and world.

Every generation of St. Peter’s has given generously to further God’s ministry on Earth. Now it is our turn to contribute. Each gift will bless both this generation and future generations not only at St. Peter’s but also in our community. This is truly an opportunity to have Faith in Our Future!

Check back in soon to find more details on the Mission Campaign projects!

“Our journey into rooting our children’s spiritual path at St. Peter’s came to us as authentic as faith should be; we felt at home from the moment we first stepped into the church.”

Keister Family

Mark your calendars for a digital Town Hall Meeting on Sunday, May 2 at 9:15 a.m. centered on the Mission Campaign goals and projects. Check the May Herald and eBlasts for the Zoom link.

Join us on Sunday, May 16 as we celebrate all that the Lord has given us and say a blessing over the pledges that our members and community members have made to the Faith in Our Future Mission Campaign.

Mission minute Monday

Over the course of the next two months St. Peter’s will be sharing “Mission Minutes” each Monday. We hope you will check out these messages on our YouTube page. We will be hearing from our rostered leaders, church members, and community partners as they share why they love St. Peter’s and the impact it has had on them.

Have a story to share? Reach out to Jill Emmert at jmemmert@comcast.net!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to “attend” both the 10/25 and the 11/8 meetings?
Yes! The purpose of the 10/25 meeting is to approve the launch of the mission campaign, while the purpose of the 11/8 meeting is to conduct our annual congregational meeting and approve our budget.
Didn’t we already approve the campaign?
Our Congregation Council approved hiring Kirby-Smith Associates to conduct a feasibility study. We reported on the positive results and recommendation to move forward, but COVID delayed our original plans to seek congregational approval to commence the mission campaign.
Can both people in my house vote at the 10/25 meeting?
Yes, and every congregational member in your household should vote! We will explain the voting process at the 10/25 meeting.
Should I vote in support of the mission campaign, if I am not able to contribute?
Yes, if the Holy Spirit calls you to support these efforts, regardless of your ability to give financially, we hope you will vote “yes.” Our gifts are not limited to “treasure.” Your time and talent may be equally helpful in advancing the mission campaign. This is an exciting moment in St. Peter’s history, as we see this mission campaign providing us the resources to expand our ministry, and we want everyone to feel engaged!
If approved, what will be the campaign timeline?
The campaign will extend over three years, meaning that individuals can make gifts at any time during that three-year period. If/when the congregation approves the campaign, we will take the next few months to do several things: 1) reconnect with families who expressed an interest in supporting the campaign with lead gifts, 2) convene a campaign steering committee, 3) develop campaign materials, 4) solicit initial gifts, and 5) prepare to formally kick off the campaign in January 2021.
What is the campaign goal?
We have not set a definitive goal at this time. Based on the results of the feasibility study, we hope to secure funds in excess of $1,250,000.
How does the work of the Strategic Planning Committee fit into the campaign?
These two processes are absolutely intertwined. The strategic planning committee has been at work for the last several months and remains on target to present its plan to Congregation Council in January 2021. The final strategic plan will inform the missional components of the campaign, in particular, and the final financial target for the campaign.
May I make a campaign gift before the end of this calendar year?
Yes. Richie Musser of Kirby Smith Associates will be prepared to assist you in doing so during this early planning phase of the campaign. There may be significant tax advantages in doing so, and we want to ensure that each family can plan accordingly.
Will I be able to designate my gift?
To a degree. The mission campaign will include various areas of focus, such as physical improvements, debt relief, educational ministries, and a mission endowment fund, to name a few areas. All these areas will be funded, based upon strategic priority, and you may indicate where you want your initial parts of commitment to be dedicated.
How can I get involved?
Reach out to Pastor Ross, Pastor Sarah, Jennifer Schlener-Thomas, or Adrian Young.
What if I still have questions?
Contact us at missioncampaign@stpeterslutheran.org for questions or comments.

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