Pastor’s College Email Devotion, October 25, 2015, Guest Devotioneer, Pastor Sarah

Pastor’s Email College Devotion — Guest Devotioneer, Pastor Sarah

The Week following Reformation Sunday

October 25, 2015


Hi there!


Have you ever had a task that you set for yourself, but kept putting it off? This weekend was supposed to be laundry weekend at the Teichmann house, but we were so busy. Let’s just say the laundry has piled up like a crumpled monument to Pigpen.


I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like doing laundry. I never have. In college I was famous for piling up my dirty laundry for weeks (WEEKS) and then throwing it all in huge garbage bags and bringing them home so that my mom and dad could do my laundry. My parents are saints, by the way. It wasn’t that I didn’t know HOW to do laundry…I just didn’t like dealing with my dirty laundry. And the times that I ran out of clean shirts I was known to febreeze them…which fun fact, does not make them clean.


And yet my favorite smell is the fragrance of clean clothes…like clean sheets right out of the dryer…or rubbing a warm towel on your face…or a clean shirt as you pull it over your head. I’m mystified by how a bunch of sweaty socks that smell like moldy death can go into the washer and come out smelling clean and bright.


I’ve been thinking about laundry a lot lately (as you can tell). I think I can relate to my dirty laundry. Sometimes I feel as dirty as my gym sock (yuck) or as crumpled as that shirt in the corner of my room. And yet, God somehow can make me clean again. Think about it this way, each day is laundry day in God’s world. Each day is a day to get clean through Jesus’ love. Each day can be like a crisp, clean shirt. Sometimes we focus on our dirty laundry way too much…and we may forget that God is making us clean right now. So if you feel like an old sweatshirt or a really gross sock, know that God is making you clean through grace. Know that tomorrow is waiting for you–with new, crisp possibilities.



Pastor Sarah

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Rev. Craig Ross

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