Awakening to Light

What is so sweet as to awake from a troubled dream and behold a beloved face smiling upon you?  My soul is for the moment bowed down with grief when I cease to feel the touch of their hands or hear a tender word from them; but the light of faith never fades from my…

Mary Magdalene, Apostle

New Day Sermon Mary Magdalene We can easily miss Mary Magdalene in our biblical narrative, since she is primarily a presence in the crucifixion and resurrection stories.  But oh, what a strong, witnessing presence she is when she shows up.

Do You See Me Now?

Last week I had the privilege of leading the local SHARE burial service over St. Joseph’s Cemetery.  SHARE of Lancaster is an organization whose primary value statement on their website is this:  “We value the right of all families to have all of their children recognized as unique and beautiful human persons— both those who…