No Longer Alone

New Day Sermon Pentecost 8 As we hear the familiar “Parable of the Rich Fool” we are reminded of both the curse of placing too much trust in material possessions, and also the problem of isolating ourselves from others around us.

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Who’s Baking the Bread?

So how do you answer the question?  Today’s Preaching Question from the study page … “Are You the Bread Winner?”  Nah … don’t bother answering … I already know the answer.  Because in one way or another, we all want to be the bread winners.  The ones who provide … the ones who create security…

Control … or Lack of It

I am not in control of my life. I know this already, of course.  I have been married for 38 years.  I promised to share control of my life with my beloved at the altar of Ascension Lutheran Church, Deer Park in August of 1980.  I am also a baptized child of God, who in…