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Shining Lights

Traditional Sermon all Saints’ Sunday Last weekend, my family and I traveled from Lancaster all the way up to Scarborough, Maine. It began when my uncle and his wife from North Dakota had a little bit of vacation time and thought it a good idea to fly from Bismark to the coast of Maine to…

Saints for All

New Day Sermonall Saints Sunday The saints we cherish are a far bigger community that simply those we have loved who have died in this world. We who still walk the earth are all “living saints” too. Join us for a broader consideration of “sainthood” as we engage some voices from the past who have…

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Ask Me

New Day Sermon All Saints’ Sunday Life is filled with questions. Some we are begging to be asked about, and some that are harder to put to words. All Saints’ Sunday is a good day for to ask questions about life and death.