Safety Protocol While In The Church Building

The following guidelines come from our Covid-19 Task Force/Risk Management Committee, and are in response to creating a safe environment on the St. Peter’s Lutheran church campus.

Covid-19 Recommendations Regarding Building Use

The Risk Management Committee consisting of representatives from church staff, council, the property committee, the medical community, and worship leadership has offered recommendations for safety protocol.

Safety Protocol for being in the Church Building

Campus Access
  • Doors will be designated for entrance or exit only to control exposure to others.
Expectations of Behavior
  • Masks must be worn inside building.
  • Social distancing must be maintained (6 feet if possible).
  • Frequent hand washing or hand sanitizing is encouraged.
  • We are encouraging only one person in the bathroom at a time to minimize exposure to others in a higher risk environment. 
  • Parents may accompany children.
  • You will be asked to wipe down surfaces with disinfectant wipes before exiting.
Church Office

The Office door will remain locked Monday thru Friday.  Visitors to the office will be asked to communicate through front office window.

  • There is a box on the table in front of the office window for offering envelopes, etc.
  • The Office staff will have visitors and volunteers sign in.
  • Until further notice, volunteers or visitors will not be able to enter office unless by appointment

St. Peter’s Covid-19 Update

Please read this Frequently Asked Questions page regarding indoor worship, small groups and community life together.

Sources that are guiding our church leaders’ recommendations:

Page updated January 27 , 2021