Holy Week

The season of Lent comes to a climactic turn on Palm Sunday and invites us to enter into the time known as Holy Week.


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Triduum, the Three days of Holy Week will be experienced differently this year. We will still have worship and devotional time, but our services will be different, in response to the Covid-19 crisis. We invite you to join us for online services and time of prayer. Details about the various services are below.

April 9, 7:00pm

Maundy Thursday Devotional Time

On this day the Christian community gathers to share in the holy supper Christ gave the church to reveal his unfailing love for the human family. It is in this day that we remember Jesus’ mandate (maundy) to love one another as we are loved by God. Join Sister Dottie Almoney for a time of devotion as we ponder Jesus’ love and commandments for us. Watch on our Facebook page  or our YouTube Channel

Cross on a hill silhouetted against the sunset
April 10, Noon

Kid-Friendly Stations of the Cross

Join Pastor Craig Ross and the Hosler family as they bring the Stations of the Cross, St.Peter’s annual kid-friendly Good Friday service, to Zoom. The readings and prayers have been abbreviated, but the posters and singing will remain the same. Take these 20 minutes on Good Friday to reflect on Jesus’ last words. All ages are welcome! Contact Pastor Ross to participate.

April 10, 7:00pm

Good Friday Worship

The Good Friday services continue the journey through the Three Days of Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection. At the heart of this service is the Gospel story of Jesus’ death on the cross. Join Pastor Sarah Teichmann for a live stream service featuring the Gospel story of the cross, beloved Good Friday hymns, and prayers.

April 11, 7:00pm

Easter Vigil

Join Pastor Craig Ross for a devotional video offered from our church sanctuary.  We will touch down for a couple of minutes in each of the four sections of the Great Vigil’s liturgical experience:  The Service of Light, the Service of Readings, the Service of Baptism, and the Service of Holy Communion.  We will be reminded of the rich biblical and liturgical tradition of preparation for Easter morning! Watch on our Facebook page  or our YouTube Channel 

Celebrate the Resurrection!

Our Holy Week worship continues as we celebrate the risen Christ on Easter Sunday!