Promise & Protection

New Day Sermon (epiphany 6) Sometimes we think of the Ten Commandments as one-dimensional. They just tell us what we can’t do. There is a rhythm in the commandments between the promises they embody from God and the ways we can protect those promises.

What are you looking for?

New Day Sermon Epiphany 2 We’re always looking for something … relationships, success, acknowledgement, love, satisfaction, meaning … the list is endless. Early in his ministry, Jesus offers the simple (yet profound) question to two disciples … “What are you looking for?’ Dare we allow Jesus to ask the same of us?

The Christmas Tree Man

New Day Sermon — Advent 4 Cynthia Rylant’s story, “The Christmas Tree Man”, invites us to consider the shepherds in our Gospel Lesson from St’ Luke 2:8-18, and ponder how we are also called to shepherd those who are entrusted into our care. As Christians, part of that care-taking is sharing the news of Jesus…