A Message from our Presiding Bishop

In the following video message, Presiding Bishop of the ELCA Elizabeth Eaton offers words of encouragement to our communities of faith in this difficult time. This is an opportunity for us to pause and reflect, to breathe, and to think about what it means to be the body of Christ. Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton Let…

Promise & Protection

New Day Sermon (epiphany 6) Sometimes we think of the Ten Commandments as one-dimensional. They just tell us what we can’t do. There is a rhythm in the commandments between the promises they embody from God and the ways we can protect those promises.

What are you looking for?

New Day Sermon Epiphany 2 We’re always looking for something … relationships, success, acknowledgement, love, satisfaction, meaning … the list is endless. Early in his ministry, Jesus offers the simple (yet profound) question to two disciples … “What are you looking for?’ Dare we allow Jesus to ask the same of us?

The Christmas Tree Man

New Day Sermon — Advent 4 Cynthia Rylant’s story, “The Christmas Tree Man”, invites us to consider the shepherds in our Gospel Lesson from St’ Luke 2:8-18, and ponder how we are also called to shepherd those who are entrusted into our care. As Christians, part of that care-taking is sharing the news of Jesus…