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Magic or Miracle?

New Day Sermon Epiphany 2 Ritual cleansing prepared an individual to participate in something sacred (like worship or a wedding ceremony). Purity’s goal was to open a vertical channel to God, the source of everything sacred. Jesus’ miracle of water to wine created a link between religious practice and the sacredness of horizontal relationships.

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Jesus … the Movie

Baptism of our Lord Sunday is about identity … Jesus’ identity as Son of God … and our identity as children of God. Baptism is at the heart of both these identities. In Jesus’ day, that identity was shaped through sermons spoken from hillsides and sermons preached from boats. If Jesus’ came to our world…

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Hungering For Change

During the month of October St. Peter’s is running the Always Being Made New-World Hunger campaign. You may know about hunger needs, but do you know all that the ELCA does to create change? Through its World Hunger ministries the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America engages in long-lasting change where families and communities are given…