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A Place Called Home

There I was and I had just confessed the thing I didn’t want to confess. I had said it out loud and I wanted to take the words and grab them in the air and shove them back in my heart for no one to see. I could see their faces and they were what……

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Mission: Go Take A Hike!

Traditional Sermon Easter 4 Today is Good Shepherd Sunday where we read scripture that point to God’s shepherding nature in our world. We especially raise the goodness of the ultimate Shepherd, Jesus. The idea of Jesus as the good shepherd is one of the earliest depictions of the Christ in our Christian art and architecture.…

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Sight Unseen

When Erik and I were planning to move out to Ohio some years ago we found it a bit difficult to find a place to live. We’ve moved multiple times before then, but this move was an extra level of complexity…and an all around pain in the neck. Now at the time the majority of…