Dr. Adam Lefever Hughes
Triduum: The Three Days

At the center of the church year, the Triduum (the Three Days) forms the basis of our worship life as Christians. Many portions of our regular Sunday morning worship service are rooted in the themes, lessons, and stories that permeate Triduum, the Three Days, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil. By that, I don’t…

Dr. Adam Lefever Hughes
Lent and the Center

  Lent is in full swing and we’re rapidly approaching the center of the church year, Holy Week. Late in Lent this lectionary year we hear many readings from the gospel of John. Often cited as being the more difficult and ‘heady’ gospel, John emphasizes the depths of Jesus’ authority and personhood where the synoptic…

Dr. Adam Lefever Hughes
Triduum – The Three Days

Triduum Tri-duum Three Days As we enter Holy Week, our thoughts are beginning to turn toward the most holy time in our church calendar. In a couple of short days, we will gather for the great liturgies of the Triduum (tri-duum: literally, three days). Imagined as one event, this is a church service that takes…