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Who Is the Real You?

Pentecost 19 Traditional Sermon William Willimon, professor at Duke Divinity School, writes this in his book, Remember Who You Are. Back in high school, every Friday and Saturday night, as I was leaving home to go on a date, I remember my mother bidding me farewell at the front door with these weighty words, ‘Don’t…

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Is The Bar Set Too High?

Traditional Sermon, Pentecost 16 So typically, I am not a huge fan of reality TV programs. Some of them feel to me as though they are constantly just trying to stir up drama and conflict between people and I guess I just feel as though there is enough drama and conflict in the world without…

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“Here be dragons”

New Day Sermon, Pentecost 5 In honor of those who identify as dad, grandpa, uncle and mentor the sermon this week begins with a montage in honor of all the guys out there who are down right super. The sermon itself picks up about a minute in because a certain pastor forgot to turn on her…