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This Is Your House

There are many rooms in my Father’s house, and I am going to prepare a place for you.  ~~ John 14:2 (TEV) I’m in a meeting … Zoom, of course … and one of the other attendees agrees to open the meeting with prayer.  I always enjoy hearing others pray … there are a myriad…

God Surprised Me

This Sunday morning past, God surprised me.  That is not an earth-shattering observation in that I am a simple soul … a soul easily amused … and more easily surprised.  But sometimes the blindness of my inner eye of faith, prevents me from seeing the joy of God breaking through into our world at times…

Patient & Persistent Prayer

OK, let’s just be honest here … everyone knows this person we’re talking about in today’s parable.  No … I’m not talking about the judge.  You all are perfect citizens … you don’t ever have to stand before a judge …. For a speeding ticket … or for double parking … or for tailgating … …

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Trinity Sunday

New Day Sermon Trinity Sunday What can we really say about the Trinity? We have lots of words, all of which try to describe it. Maybe it is as simple as God’s creative efforts to be present to us “in many and various ways.”