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Sight Unseen

When Erik and I were planning to move out to Ohio some years ago we found it a bit difficult to find a place to live. We’ve moved multiple times before then, but this move was an extra level of complexity…and an all around pain in the neck. Now at the time the majority of…

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Keep On Keeping On

New Day Sermon Pentecost 20 What is faith? Is it trust or a journey? Can we be faithful and have doubt? We have faith in God, but have you ever considered how God has faith in us? What is faith? It’s keep on keeping on till God’s kingdom come. Check out how the family of…

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The Journey of Faith

Pentecost 20 Traditional Sermon So, how would you answer the question, “What is Faith?” <CONGREGATIONAL ANSWERS — Believing in something you can’t see … faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen … doing the right thing … rooting for the New York Mets … reading the Bible ……