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Let the Triune God Resolve Divisions

New Day Sermon Pentecost 3 Divisions can cause all kinds of problems. In Mark 3, Jesus says unity is threatened by divisions. A House divided is destined to fall. One can look at fear being a major underlying reason for divisions to surface. One way to resolve divisions is to turn to the Triune God…

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A Place Called Home

There I was and I had just confessed the thing I didn’t want to confess. I had said it out loud and I wanted to take the words and grab them in the air and shove them back in my heart for no one to see. I could see their faces and they were what……

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Science & Faith Friday

The Language of God Over the years, I have come to believe that when something appears multiple times within your frame of reference, perhaps some attention should be paid to whatever that is.  In this particular case, that thing was a book, The Language of God,  by Francis Collins. A friend of mine at seminary had…