Spiritual Gift: Pastoral

Our spiritual gifts are given by the Holy Spirit as a way to serve the Lord and be blessings to the world God so loves. See how your gifts may be used!


Pastoring is the gift that gives a believer the confidence, capability and compassion to provide spiritual leadership and direction for individuals or groups of individuals. The gift of Pastoring will give you the ability to reach out and care in a spiritual manner for an individual or for a group. You will serve as one who is a counselor, an encourager, a shepherd. You will see that God’s Word is fed to those in your care and you will also feel a responsibility for the general well‐being of the individual or group.

Scriptural References:

Ephesians 4:11; 1 Thessalonians 5:12; Acts 20:28

People with this gift:
  • take responsibility to nurture the whole person in their walk with God;
  • provide guidance and oversight to a group of God’s people;
  • model with their life what it means to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus;
  • strive to lead others to greater obedience to God;
  • feel responsible to lead and protect any that God has entrusted to their care.
A person with this gift is usually:

Caring – Nurturing – Guiding – Supportive – Protective – Relational – Restoring

Ministry Opportunities:
  • Acolyte/Crossbearer
  • Intern Committee
  • Communion Assistant
  • Lay Worship Leader
  • Lector
  • New Day Committee
  • Parish Life Committee
  • Shut-in Communion Assistant
  • Worship Committee

This gift belongs to the category RESPONSIBILITY. You may find useful to get information on other gifts which belong to this same category. These gifts are: Administration; Discernment; Leadership.