Spiritual Gift: Hospitality

Our spiritual gifts are given by the Holy Spirit as a way to serve the Lord and be blessings to the world God so loves. See how your gifts may be used!

Hospitality is the gift that causes a believer to joyfully open his or her home for meetings and overnight visitors. The gift of Hospitality gives you the ability to be open and caring to those in need. You enjoy providing open arms, an open house and a warm welcome for those in need of friendship, a warm welcome, food and lodging.

Scriptural References:

1 Peter 4:9‐10; Acts 16:15; 3 John 1:5‐8

People with this gift:
  • provide an environment where people feel valued and cared for;
  • meet new people and help them to feel welcomed;
  • create a safe and comfortable setting where relationships can develop;
  • seek ways to connect people together into meaningful relationships;
  • set people at ease in unfamiliar surroundings.
A person with this gift is usually:

Friendly – Sociable – Trusting – Caring – Outgoing – Relational – Responsive – Indulgent

Ministry Opportunities:
  • Greeter
  • Usher
  • Fellowship Committee
  • Coffee Bar Helper
  • Evangelism Committee
  • New Member Sponsor
  • Love, Inc. Volunteer
  • Provide Transportation
  • Welcome Center Volunteer

This gift belongs to the category ASSISTANCE. You may find useful to get information on other gifts which belong to this same category. These gifts are: Service, Wisdom.