Sharing Your Spiritual Gifts

How are you gifted spiritually? St. Peter’s is ready to help you find out!

What Are Spiritual Gifts?

God’s plan of salvation is to reunite His children with Himself and His kingdom. This plan is carried out through a chosen group of people. The chosen groups of people have been the Israelites, Jesus’ disciples, and now the Christian Church. The congregations of the Christian Church have been chosen to enable this mission to be fulfilled.

Even though carrying out God’s plan is an awesome task, God gives us the gifts needed to get the job done. When we are baptized, the Holy Spirit enters, a call to service is extended, and a Spiritual Gift is given to us. This gift is specific in nature and is to be used to fulfill the mission of God whenever and wherever the opportunity is presented. When you were baptized, God chose you to be a part of His saving plan!

Scripture tells us that Spiritual Gifts are divinely bestowed upon us and freely given by God, not earned or merited. We are to use them for the benefit of others, for the purpose of building up God’s church. There are many different Spiritual Gifts and we might be blessed with one or more of these gifts. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, our responsibility is to discern, experiment with, and use our Spiritual Gifts. What are your specific Spiritual Gifts? St. Peter’s is ready to help you discover them!

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How do I use my Spiritual Gifts?

Volunteer opportunities are abundant at St. Peter’s. We have hundreds of ministries and ways that you can use your time, talents, and gifts to serve. We trust that you will find a number of opportunities to use your gifts to serve in areas you are passionate about! If you have any questions, please contact our Volunteer Steward Betsy Linn.

Spiritual Gifts

Administration Artistry Discernment Evangelism Exhortation Faith Giving Hospitality Intercession Knowledge Leadership Mercy Instrumental Music Vocal Music Pastoral Service Skilled Craft Teaching Wisdom Writing

Thank you to Holy Cross Lutheran Church ELCA, Menomonee Falls WI, for being the source of much of this information.