We’ve collected these educational resources to help you in your Faith Journey.

You want to raise the child in your life to know the love of God through Jesus Christ. Our Sunday School program at St. Peter’s is a great place to start, but faith formation is a daily thing. Here are some resources that can help you model Christian faith for your family.

Church Library

Many resources are available in our Church Library. Visit our Library Page to learn more.

Anti-Racism Resources

Are you looking for resources to guide conversations about race, relationships, and social justice issues. Check out these resources for children, youth and adults. 

Faith Practices

Here are resources for building faith practices in the home and how to be a Christ-follower in the midst of life’s milestones.

  • Faith5
    Information about a family faith routine that involves sharing, reading the Bible together, talking, praying and blessing each other.
  • Living Lutheran
    Tips for teaching our kids about stewardship.

How do I Pray?

Prayer is an essential part of our faith life. Check out these resources about how you and your family may grow in your prayer practice.

Faith Milestones

Our life is filled with milestones–some joyful and some sorrowful. Find resources on how to connect your faith life to your family’s life events.

Tough Topics

Being a parent or mentor to a child can be pretty tough sometimes especially as you navigate through faith, development and the complexities of life. It’s good to have resources to help you along the way.

Dealing With Tragedy

Tragedy can happen close to home or come in through the 24-hour news cycle. Here are some resources when finding ways to speak about tragedy with the child in your life.

Child Development

The child in your life is learning and sometimes experiencing growing pains, too. Check out these resources on the different ways your child is growing.

Being Faithful in Diversity

We are called to be loving Christians in a diverse world. Check out these resources on ways to be faithful to God and loving to neighbor.