Annual Meeting

Every year St. Peter’s calls an annual meeting to discuss and vote on the business of the church for the following year.

2020 Annual Meeting

We gathered digitally at 9am November 8 for our first ever virtual annual meeting. Items discussed and voted upon by congregational members included council members serving as elected representatives of the congregation and our 2021 general operating budget. Elected officials and the budget were approved by members who cast their vote digitally.

Annual meeting documents

In preparation for the November 8 annual meeting, the following documents are available for review and download. Many of the documents refer to how this year has been shaped by covid-19. Take a look at what various ministries and committees have been doing, and how we are “building a community of faith by God’s grace.”

Council/Officer Report

This document includes information regarding considered for council and officer elections.

2021 Budget Proposal

A link to the 2021 budget proposal was be made available to members who registered for the meeting. Due to the sensitive nature of the budget, we do not have it available on our website.

Leadership & Committee Reports

The first document listed in this section is a compilation of written reports from lay and rostered church leaders. The second document is a compilation of reports from our various standing committees.

Endowment Fund Reports

This document includes information pertaining to the church endowment and contributions and disbursements made from the endowment fund and general reserve fund.

2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

During the 2020 Annual Meeting, we will approve the minutes from last year’s Annual Meeting. The meetings can be downloaded below.

2020 Annual Meeting Videos

Various members of the St. Peter’s staff and lay leaders submitted videos in addition to their written reports.