Your help is needed! Please consider joining one of our committees that are meeting through Zoom. Consider  using some of your time to help with committees that need people & voices. It would be a minimal time commitment. PLEASE consider leading these necessary ministries for St. Peter’s. Here are vacancies for which there is an immediate and crucial need: Global Social Ministry Committee–Chair; Stewardship Committee–Chair & Members; Youth and Family–Chair & Members. You can find descriptions for each of the groups on St. Peter’s website. Consider taking some time to see if any of these are a fit for you.  Go to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fVeQyvmq4O5N6mKFsnNacgEPTbGUIyu_ai7E90mCWzA/edit#gid=1 Contact Betsy Linn at betsy.linn@stpeterslutheran.org for more information.