DID YOU KNOW……. The Prayer Chain is always looking for folks to join us? We are one of the few committees at church where almost all your committee “work” is done when it suits your schedule. Under normal circumstances, we have one all member meeting each year (usually in the Fall) and we do an optional Spring book study. You receive requests by email (other options are available if needed) as we receive them and you pray that request daily for one week (unless something else is specified). We also have a listing of ongoing requests we try to pray for daily (but we know “life happens”). If you are looking for something to get you back in the swing of things at church, you might want to consider the  prayer chain. Please contact Ginny Gerhart (717) 626-7406 OR Angela Moshos (717) 392-6201 with any questions or to sign up!! We would love to have you!  “Be still and know that l am God”   Psalm 46:10