Intern Program

Each year, St. Peter’s hosts an intern from United Lutheran Seminary. Called a Vicar, this student spends their time learning the day-to-day of being a pastor.

St. Peter’s has been hosting interns for many years — in fact, Senior Pastor Craig Ross served as an intern here from 1981-1982. In our conference room, you can see photos of each vicar dating back to the beginning of our participation in the program. On this page you can read about some of our recent vicars. Click on their photo or name to read sermons and writings they published while serving at St. Peter’s. We are currently on hiatus from the intern program, but look forward to ways we may engage with students in years to come.

Past Vicars

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Vicar Nancy Brody

Vicar, 2018-2019

Nancy Brody was called to serve as pastor of Messiah Parish in Halifax, PA. Her congregations are named Messiah Lutheran Church (Fisherville) and St. Peter (Fetterhoff’s).

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Pal Pusztai

Vicar, 2017-2018

Vicar Pál is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. He currently lives in Dover, Pennsylvania.

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Avery Carr

Vicar, 2016-2017

R. Avery Carr was called to serve as pastor of First & Trinity Lutheran Churches in Iron River, MI.

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Karen Durbin

Vicar, 2015-2016

Karen was installed as Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Mechanicsburg in 2017.

St. Peter’s has participated in the intern program for a long time. See the rest of the interns on the wall in our conference room.