Mutual Ministry

Did you know that St. Peters has a Mutual Ministry Committee, where you can share your thoughts and opinions, (both positive and negative), with Pastor Ross, Sister Dottie or members of the Committee*?    Without your feedback, regarding all types of concerns, things may go unnoticed and therefore not addressed.  Here are some examples of topics we addressed, that you shared over the past year(s):

Further deterioration of the parking lot

o  Mission campaign monies utilized.  Now addressed – being completed in June

 COVID concerns:  return to church, masking policy, desire for an outdoor service, issues with Live Streaming

o   All are hopefully addressed, as we continue to work through the on-going changes of a pandemic

Pastor Sarah’s departure and concerns for the church, including Pastor Ross and Sister Dottie handling everything

o   Call Committee formed – Church survey underway – Synod working with us to secure candidates

Communion at Home, using your own bread/wine

o   Communion cups, that have been blessed, now available by contacting the church office

These are just a few examples.  Please reach out.   We need your help so St. Peters can continue to build a community of faith by God’s grace, show our love for God, for our neighbors and our desire to make disciples.

*Members include:  Sherry Weller, Chairperson, Mark Aho, Mark Beauregard, Brian Booher, Shirley Dombach, Angela Moshos and Melissa Sasso. The church council representative is Alan Swanson.

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Betsy Linn

Volunteer Steward

Service to others is one of the best ways we can serve our God. By giving of our time, we can participate in helping with many of the tasks needed to create a ministry for our community. I feel blessed to be part of that community.