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Well we are in a new year – 2022. Sadly, COVID still reigns and is preventing the church from fully opening back up and packing the pews again. Thankfully, there are livestream options for both the traditional and contemporary New Day worship services. And…if you miss the service when it is streaming live, you can watch it whenever you want on the church’s YouTube channel. At my church, I can even Zoom my Sunday school class if I cannot attend. Thank the Lord for these advances in technology.
I had an exciting holiday this year…nearly had a house fire. One evening while sitting in the living room I sensed the dishwasher was make a strange unearthly sound. My wife and I rushed out to see black smoke pouring out of the front. I sent her to basement to shutoff the circuit breaker while I opened the dishwasher to stop its operation. Sure enough, the electronic control board burned to a crisp…and it did not trip the circuit breaker. Thankfully we were home. Sadly, this was not our first appliance fire. We have had three dishwasher fires, an electric dryer fire, and a washing machine water hose burst. So, why am I reporting on this? This is a safety notice to not take any of your appliances for granted. We never leave home with any appliance running. Appliance fires and hose breaks can happen at any time. We
even shut off our water and turn off the water heater when we go on vacation. Friends of ours went on vacation once and came back to a flood in their house. One of their young children left the water running in the upstairs bathroom with a
washcloth over the drain. Imagine the amount of water during a two-week vacation. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and a tremendous upheaval and expense in your life if the worst happens.
Epiphany Star was hung in early January. Those who are coming to the in-person worship have seen the Epiphany Star hanging in the back of the sanctuary. As soon as the church opened after the new year began, Rich Larrick came in (as he has been doing for over 20 years) to hang and light the Epiphany Star. As a Baptist, this tradition is new to me, so I Googled it. “Epiphany means ‘appearance or manifestation.’ Throughout the world, Christians celebrate it on January 6-12 days after Christmas Day. Many countries refer to it as ‘Three Kings Day’. On this day, Western Christianity recognizes Christ’s manifestation to the Gentiles. The Gentiles, represented when The Magi visited the child Jesus and showed how God’s gift of the Good News is for all people. Eastern Christianity observes Jesus’ baptism on this day. His baptism revealed his identity to mankind. In the East or the West, Epiphany celebrates God revealing himself to the world.” Source:
It is yet another reminder that God lowered himself in the form of a human called Jesus-meaning, God with us–because God loves us and wants us to with Him. What a great tradition.
Have a blessed new year!
Paul Schultz, your parish administrator

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Paul Schultz

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I serve the Lord through administration – derived from the Latin word meaning, “to minister or serve.” I enjoy working with members in the care and operation of God’s house. If you have gifts or talents that could benefit your church, let’s connect! There is a place of service for everyone at St. Peters.

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