Mission Partners: Busoka Lutheran

Peter Murdock

We give thanks for the church of Christ at home and throughout the world. Our mission partners, the Busoka Lutheran Church in Tanzania wanted to share some good news with us. They have a new pastor!

Busoka Lutheran congregation welcomed Pastor Nazareth Mwaitebele on June 6, 2021. Additionally, the rebuilding of the church building that was destroyed continues as our brothers and sisters in Christ remain faithful and connected to their companions of Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church.

Please keep our mission partners in your prayers and give thanks for the ways we may share God’s love and build up God’s church together! To find out more about our mission partners or become more involved in the Tanzania Mission Committee ministry, contact Alan Swanson, the committee chair.

We are thankful to Peter Murdock who was able to share the imagers and video below of Pastor Nazareth Mwaitebele being blessed and the Busoka orphans who are in care of the Busoka community.

Pastor Nazareth Mwaitebele blessed in the Busoka Congregation

Rev. Sarah Teichmann

Pastor of Christian Formation

I love working in a staff where we are able to use each other’s strengths for the glory of God. I am energized by the lay leaders of the church and the creative ways they can extend the mission of Jesus to congregational members and our community.

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