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What a joy it has been to gather together for worship these last couple of weeks! As Pastor Ross wrote in his blog post earlier this week, the simple joys of sharing spoken prayers, professions of faith, creedal statements, and liturgical action has been especially moving.

As you may be aware, we’re using the summer to walk back into our worship lives together as a community. Our step-by-step approach has us working toward the fall when we expect to be back to our typical worship schedule. Here’s a video (followed by a text version) of what’s coming up.

Singing Together

This last Sunday (the 13th) we sang our first hymn together since March 2020! For the rest of this month we’ll continue singing a sending hymn at each indoor service. Starting July 4th, we will sing TWO hymns as part of our indoor gatherings. Yippee!

9:45 Indoor Service Starts July 4

Starting July 4th, our service schedule changes! We will move to TWO services indoors, one at 8:00 and one at 9:45. This reflects our historic practice of offering two services over the summer without the Sunday school hour in the middle. These services will be identical with the exception that the 9:45 service will also be live-streamed to our YouTube channel for folks who still wish to worship from home.

11:00 Outdoor Service Continues

We continue our Outdoor worship service at 11:00 in the green acres by the parking lot on the following schedule:

June 20 – Traditional
June 27 – Family service (easily taught and learned music)
July 4 – New Day
July 11 – Traditional (with choir)
July 18 – Traditional
July 25 – Family service

While it’s our intent to hold these services on the green acres, depending on attendance and weather, we may choose to move around to maximize comfort. Bring a chair and go with the flow!

Coming Mask Policy Change

With the mask mandate coming to a close near the end of this month, you may be wondering about St. Peter’s plan for wearing masks in worship. Once the mask mandate is lifted, St. Peter’s will follow the CDC recommendations which indicate vaccinated people are free to go unmasked and unvaccinated are recommended to wear a mask. When we sing in worship, we ask that ALL those who are present would wear a mask. Singing produces significantly more particulates in the air and we are asking all, regardless of vaccine status, to care for those who cannot yet get vaccinated (children under 12, immunocompromised, etc.) by taking this precautionary measure. We plan to have this policy in effect at least through the end of August, but it is subject to change.

I hope this update is helpful and hope to see you all in worship soon!

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Dr. Adam Lefever Hughes

Director of Music

Adam served as Director of Music at St. Peter’s from 2015 to 2022.

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