Second Sunday after Pentecost

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This Sunday marks the beginning of our summer worship schedule: 8:00 Indoor service, 9:45 livestream, and 11:00 outdoor service led by the New Day Band. We’re excited to be gathering together and to keep walking together on this grand experiment that is post-COVID church.

Our readings this Sunday remind us that when we stand divided against ourselves, we will fall. We hear the great story of the fall of Adam and Eve, complete with finger-pointing blame placing. We also hear Jesus confront those who say he is possessed by an evil spirit by telling them that he is possessed by the Holy Spirit. Finally, Jesus’ words about those gathered around him doing the will of God as his family remind us that our close connections with people are built around shared beliefs, shared experiences, and shared goals.


Here are our appointed readings for this week for you to read and meditate on as you prepare your hearts for worship this weekend.

Genesis 3:8-15
God confronts Adam and Eve in the garden

Psalm 130
Wait for the Lord, for with the Lord there is steadfast love

2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1
Renewed in the inner nature

Mark 3:20-35
Doing the work of God as brothers and sisters of Christ

Worship Music

Music this week is varied given the variety of services we are offering. Lead me, guide me (ELW 768) and I’m so glad Jesus lifted me (ELW 860) make their way into the live-streamed service. Both of these songs talk about a God and savior who lift us up when we are weak and we are reminded of the Spirit-filled Jesus who fights for us on all fronts. At our indoor service, we have special music from Maurielle Courtois. The outdoor features LIVE singing with the New Day Band. Good things on many fronts this week!

Reflection Questions

A house divided against itself cannot stand, says Jesus. What does this mean for St. Peter’s? What does this mean for you? What does our mutual support of one another look like in peaceful times? In tumultuous times? How can we look to Jesus as an example of this mutual upbuilding?

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Dr. Adam Lefever Hughes

Director of Music

Adam served as Director of Music at St. Peter’s from 2015 to 2022.

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