Advent 4

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Stir up your power, Lord Christ, and free us from the sin that would keep us from you, we pray this week. This week our reading from Samuel foretells the rebuilding of the house of the Lord with the coming of a Savior. We hear in the Gospel that this rebuilding is made complete in the person of Jesus and we sing with Mary in her canticle, from Luke. Everything is coming together for our celebration of the birth of Christ. Preparations are well underway, and we look forward to Christ’s imminent arrival!


2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16
The Lord’s promise to David

Luke 1:46b-55
You, Lord, have lifted up the lowly

Romans 16:25-27
The mystery of God revealed in Jesus Christ

Luke 1:26-38
The angel appears to Mary

Worship Music

Today’s focus is on Mary, the very pregnant, very meek, very faithful Mary. Mary’s response to the angel’s news that she bears the Son of God is amazing and we make that our song. We sing about the proud being brought down, the low being raised up, and the world being turned around when we sing The Canticle of the Turning. We also sing the story of the angel appearing to Mary as we sing The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came. Finally, we sing Joy to the World as we look forward to our coming celebration of the birth of Christ.

Reflection Questions

Mary’s response to being told the news of who she carries is nothing short of amazing and we are called to respond to God’s call the same way. What is God calling you to and how can you follow Mary’s example?

How have you prepared yourself for the coming of Jesus this season?

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Dr. Adam Lefever Hughes

Director of Music

Adam served as Director of Music at St. Peter’s from 2015 to 2022.

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