June 2020 Herald

Leigh Patrick

This month our area shifts to “yellow phase.” we hope that this newsletter will be informative and keep you connected to the church’s response and hopes for the future. Please be sure to visit  https://www.stpeterslutheran.org/ for ways to stay connected. The June Herald is available for download filled with news, God’s good news, and stories of how we are building a community of faith by God’s grace!

Inside This Issue . . .

Worship Schedule – 2

Frequently Asked Questions – 2

Adult Christian Ed. – 4

Committees – 5

Worship & Music – 8

Pastoral Letters – 9

Youth Ministries – 11

St. Peter’s Preschool – 11

St. Peter’s Kids – 12

From the Volunteer Steward – 13

Groups & Events – 13

Mission/Vision Statement – 14

Looking Ahead/Calendar – 15

For Your Information – 16

St Peters Evangelical Lutheran Church

Church office

Parish Secretary

I’m glad for the opportunity to help and offer a source of support for the members and staff of St. Peter’s.

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