Our Busoka Friends: An Update

One of St. Peter’s mission partners is the Busoka Lutheran Church in Tanzania. Recently members of the Busoka community shared some pictures of their congregation and community with us. And we wanted to share with you!

The relationship we share

St. Peter’s became an active companion congregation with the people of Busoka Lutheran Church in Tanzania in 2006. Our companionship has grown to visiting each other, praying for each other and with St. Peter’s providing some financial support to the people of Busoka.

Busoka, like most communities in Tanzania and the African continent has a large number of orphans due to HIV/AIDS. St. Peter’s, thru our Tanzania Mission Committee, has provided financial help to Busoka for clothing, food and education of the orphans and the community as well.

The church building at Busoka was destroyed by a wind storm in January 2019 and the people of St. Peter’s responded by providing part of the funding needed to rebuild their church building.

St. Peter’s relationship with the Busoka community continues to grow in love and support.

The rebuilding of the Busoka Lutheran Church building is under way.

The Church’s One Foundation!

Hudson Mwamboma is ordained

Some of the pictures shared with us show us the life and celebration shared. One of the joys the congregation experienced was the Fall 2019 ordination of Hudson Mwamboma, a church leader in the Busoka Lutheran Church. We give thanks for his leadership in Busoka and service to the global church of Christ! From the video and picture you can see that he is surrounded by many clergy.

Busoka Lutheran gathers together for worship

You can see how the congregation uses space since the spring storms, and some rebuilding initiatives that are already taking place. Like us, they are finding ways to be church in this time of Covid-19.

People of busoka gather to Celebrate the risen Christ.
Giving thanks to God with an offering of the diversely used Cassava root.

Recently a long-time correspondent and leader of the church in Tanzania offered these words and blessing:

Dear brethren,  I always think and pray for you and the Americans because you are our brethren not only bodily, but also in the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, your brethren indeed. May the almighty God protect you and guide your ways. 

Thank you very much for the monies you always send to Busoka and Itete Hospital, may God bless you. Please convey my heartfelt greetings to all member of St. Peter’s LUTHERAN church.

Pastor John Mwasakilali

We give thanks for the pictures and videos shared with us, as they give us snapshot of our mission partners.

We also give thanks for the ways you have supported the ministry that we share. During the Busoka Fall fundraiser, your gifts given directly impacted the ongoing Busoka church re-building project. Your donations during the December cookie walk and the Tanzania Mission Committee Sub Sale directly help the orphans who are in the care of our mission partners.

As Pastor Mwasakilali reminds us, we are truly brethren brought together by Jesus Christ.

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Rev. Sarah Teichmann

Pastor of Christian Formation

Pastor Sarah served as Pastor of Christian Formation at St. Peter’s from 2014 – 2021. She now serves the wider church as a partner at Kirby-Smith Associates.

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