Safe Church and the Coronavirus


You might be wondering how St. Peter’s is responding to concerns about the coronavirus and the flu this season. The Safe Church task force offers some recommendations on ways we can be church together.

In order to help prevent transmission of the flu, colds and other viruses, the Safe Church task force has purchased 4 free standing hand sanitizer stations for the narthex, the youth lounge, the cafe and Augsburg Alley. All classroom teachers and other ministry leaders will be asked to wipe down tables and door knobs after each class/meeting.

We are encouraging all who enter our doors to practice good hygiene which includes :

1. If you are ill, please stay home

2. Please be fever free for 24 hours before coming to church

3. Practice hand washing with warm water and soap for 20 seconds
(Don’t have a stopwatch to keep time? Try singing Happy Birthday twice through)

4. Limit hand to hand contact with others during cold and flu season

Welcoming, hospitality, and sharing of the peace: We encourage waving and peace signs. Elbow bumps can be a great alternative to a hand shake this season.

The Corona virus can cause flu-like symptoms, including fever, cough and difficulty breathing. The infection is not serious for most people, including children. Most who do contract this virus get better with enough rest, water and medication to help with symptoms.

Our church leaders will keep you updated on how the church is responding to this new virus and are regularly checking the CDC and WHO (World Health Organization) for updated information.

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Sister Dottie Almoney

Director of Education & Outreach

Our youth grow into faithful disciples through education, fellowship and service. I am also excited about the new social ministries in which we are partnering with other Manheim Township churches, such as Lydia’s Closet and Homes for Hope.


  1. I am grateful that Sister Dottie and St. Peters is taking a positive approach in this matter.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thankfulness. We are blessed by Sister Dottie and so many staff members and volunteers who are using their God-given skills.

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