Lent 3 – The Woman at the Well

Through the centuries, there have been many assumptions about the Samaritan Woman who Jesus encounters at the well. We read between the lines; if she had several husbands, she must have been unfaithful and Jesus knew she lived with a man who was not her husband! She was also considered less than because she was a Samaritan, disliked by the Palestinian Jews of the day. But what if we really got to know her story and why she made the choices or if she even had control over her circumstances. Jesus knew her story and didn’t judge and even chose her to be a missionary to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and the love of God!

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Sister Dottie Almoney

Director of Education & Outreach

Our youth grow into faithful disciples through education, fellowship and service. I am also excited about the new social ministries in which we are partnering with other Manheim Township churches, such as Lydia’s Closet and Homes for Hope.

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