A Rainy Baptism

We again thank Brendan Armitage for providing this week’s devotion. Make sure to tune in next week for another guest devotion by Jill Emmert.

Galatians 3:26 — “So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.”

Have you ever sat out in a summer rain?  (not a thunderstorm, mind you.  Just rain.). Yes, you’ll get wet (so you probably want to wear a dark t-shirt, and shorts, and maybe just flip-flops or crocs), but you should do it this summer.  Just sit down in an outside chair, in an August rain, and let yourself get wet.

Why?  Well yes, your family and your friends will think that you’re nuts, but your Lutheran church family will understand.  They’ll understand because Martin Luther said, “There is on earth no greater comfort than baptism.”  Luther was famous for fighting against sin and Satan by preaching to himself, “I am baptized! I am baptized!”

On a daily basis we fight against sin.  The sin of temptation.  The sin of comparison.  The sin of FOMO.  (Fear Of Missing Out)

But your church provides, as it always has, through our reflection on our own baptism, our own laying on of hands and of our own statements made…that we renounce those sins.  

We are human beings, we children of God.  We make mistakes.  But don’t think that sitting outside in the summer rain is a mistake.  It’s really just a reminder of your own baptism and of your own life in Christ.  And it’s fun, and you’re a child of God.  Always.

So, as you work through a rainy August, take a minute or two and allow God’s baptism to wash over you again.  Pray while you’re giggling and getting wet, that you may always giggle when life gets you wet.  Pray that you may always give yourself grace as a child of God.  Pray that you may remember your baptism.  We Lutherans know, there is no greater comfort than baptism, is there?

See you in church … Brendan Armitage

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