Epiphany 2 Worship Preview


His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” John 2:5

Like Jesus, we are called to “do something,” to follow Christ’s lead and listen to what he says. The church’s mission is to act when we see something happening that is detrimental to others.

Like Mary, we often think the solution involves getting more of something to keep us, the guests and our family members happy. With that mindset, doing so ought to keep tensions from flaring, squash negative emotions and avoid bad outcomes. In short, it will prevent trouble.

In reply, Jesus points to items the Jews used ritually for symbolic cleansing. The large urns held water (probably drawn from a well since Cana had no above ground water source.) In the gospel story, the urns are now empty. So, presumably everyone is clean.

Sunday Worship Music

Traditional Hymn of the Day: ELW 310 Songs of Thankfulness and Praise

Today’s hymn of the day certainly has a lot to say about how Jesus is made manifest. Can you count the ways this hymn describes how Jesus demonstrates his power and relationship to God? Changing water into wine at the wedding at Cana is certainly one of the more ostentatious manifestations!

New Day Worship Song: Our God

Today’s worship song focuses on the strength and presence of God in our lives.

For your reflection:

As Jesus was at the wedding, God is acutely aware and always ready to respond to people’s needs. When our petitions lean toward directing God’s behavior (even for the sake of others) we can forget God’s ongoing ability to work alongside every choice, whether right or wrong. What items would Jesus point to that you use habitually? What do you engage in or elevate to religious status? The answers will prepare your heart for confession and the forgiveness offered by Jesus that is far better than another glass of wine, no matter how fine.

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Vicar Nancy Brody

Vicar, 2018-2019

Nancy Brody was called to serve as pastor of Messiah Parish in Halifax, PA. Her congregations are named Messiah Lutheran Church (Fisherville) and St. Peter (Fetterhoff’s).

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