Sunday Worship Preview – Pentecost 5

But overhearing what they said, Jesus said to the leader of the synagogue, “Do not fear, only believe.”  (Mk. 5:36)

A woman finds healing by touching Jesus’ cloak, and a girl is restored to life when he takes her by the hand. In both cases a boundary is crossed: in Jesus’ time the hemorrhaging woman was considered ritually unclean, polluting others by her touch, and anyone who touched a corpse also became unclean. In Mark’s gospel Jesus breaks down barriers, from his first meal at a tax collector’s house to his last breath on the cross as the temple curtain is torn in two.We dare to touch Jesus in our “uncleanness” and to live as a community that defines no one as an outsider. God.

Sunday Worship Music

Our Hymn of the Day is “Healer of Our Every Ill” (ELW 612). Like the woman who touches the hem of Jesus’s cloak, we yearn to be made whole with power that only God has. Today’s hymn of the day is a prayer to God asking for healing from fear, sadness, and pain through neighborly love. How can we live out this prayer to God?

In New Day this week we will sing “Healer” and voice these words: “Healer heal me, Savior save me, Maker change me, Lover love me, I’m so tired of living for the kind of love, that only lasts for a while.”   God changed the life of a woman, a girl and her family.  God changes our lives too, through his love.

Preaching Theme

Songs for the Journey

For Further Reflection

Where do you see God’s healing presence at work in the lives of the people around you?

Is healing primarily a physical experience, or can it be emotional or spiritual or relational?

When do you find music to be a healing experience in your life?


Rev. Craig Ross

Senior Pastor

The vibrancy of life here at St. Peter’s makes my service on our staff a joy and privilege. Visitation, teaching and preaching are the ministries that feed my pastoral identity, as together our staff and lay members share in our missional calling … Building a community of faith by God’s grace.

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