Advent 3 Worship Preview

For in him every one of God’s promises is a ‘Yes.’  (1 Corinthians 1:20)

God’s promise of salvation is seen through the eyes of two biblical saints in our lessons today. In our New Day lesson from Luke 1 we see Mary saying “Yes” to the angel who visits her with the news of the gift of life within her — Jesus our Lord.  In traditional worship we see the promise through the Baptist’s call to “make straight the way of the Lord.”  We are called to say “Yes” in our lives, too, as we seek to walk on the straight pathway to which Jesus has pointed us.

Sunday’s Worship Music

In traditional worship our Hymn of the Day is “Hark, A Thrilling Voice is Sounding” (ELW 246).  Today’s reading casts John the Baptist as one who testifies to the light, Jesus and in our hymn we echo John’s testimony. We ask Jesus to “cast away the works of darkness” calling him “our sun [that] shines upon the morning skies.” How can Jesus’ coming at Christmas bring light into our lives anew?

In New Day Service our Worship Song is “What Child is This” as we ponder the ponder the promises God makes to us through the birth of Jesus into the World.  The courageous profession of faith we make with the words “This, This is Christ the King” is the lifeblood of our faith and trust in Jesus.

Sermon Statement:

The Promise of Salvation.

For Your Home Devotions

In your relationship with God, do you find yourself answering “Yes” more than you do “No”?

When you struggle with the answers to the prayer you lift up to God, do you ever have the courage to simply say “Amen”?

How do you experience “God with you”?



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