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Jumping In With Both Feet

Lyle and I had heard about Nawakwa’s Family Camp from family and friends for many years. Last summer, with Ellen being 8 years old, Anne 6, and Jeremy turning 3, we thought we were ready for this new experience.

Kirchenwald, the Lutheran camp located near Mount Gretna, had just hosted its inaugural Family Camp-K-Tion in 2015. Since our family has gone to Kirchenwald’s Fall Foliage Days in the past, we felt more comfortable there than venturing to Nawakwa, located in Biglerville. At both camps, families are able to camp for half or full weeks. Lyle and I decided to jump in with both feet: we signed up for an entire week of Family Camp.

We are so glad we did. God spoke to us each and every day. Hikes and stream walks in His majestic creation. The low ropes course and cookouts with (sometimes literally!) supportive and loving new friends. Bible study and worship filled with skits, guitars, and song. God was all around us.

As an adult, I long for the days of Family Camp—the freedom from cooking meals, planning activities, and entertaining kids. Our three dedicated Family Camp counselors at Kirchenwald took care of all of that. Lyle, Ellen, Anne, Jeremy, and I all are looking forward to another week at camp with our eyes and hearts open to God’s creation and His word. Thanks be to God for this amazing outdoor ministry!

Here are some photos from our experience at Kirchenwald’s Family Camp:

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