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Over the past couple of months, the parish has been busy cleaning up, fixing up and freshening up the vicarage at 40 Delp Road, the second home on the south side of Delp Road, just west of the parking lot.

This was done not only in preparation for the full time occupancy this coming year by our new vicar, Avery Carr and his family, but for possible future vicars, and also to maintain the investment we have in the property at a prudent level.

In case you didn’t get a chance to tour the vicarage at our Open House in June, we thought you might like to take a “virtual tour” to see what’s been done. Our thanks to the church council for supporting this much needed effort and a very special thank you to the members of the property committee and our parish administrator, Gary Williams, all of whom graciously put so much time and significant cost saving effort and skill into getting the job done.

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Joan Martin

Community Relations Chair


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