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The summers are a great time to relax, take needed vacations, and travel to see family and friends. On the flip side, you may not be as connected to your faith life as you like to be (or your soul longs to be). Refresh your faith life this summer with Pocket Church.

Pocket-Church-LogoPocket Church is a series of short videos featuring summertime activities where we see how God is with us in the midst of our travels, our play and the wonders of the summer season. It’s our hope that though you may not be able to be physically with us as much as you like, we can connect and grow in faith with these devotional summertime videos.

Find it on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel, or watch the embedded playlist with all the episodes below. Pocket Church is released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening.

And Pocket Church can help you be a good evangelist as well! (You can be a good evangelist…trust me!) Watch an episode, like it, and share with your friends. Perhaps add a message like, “This is what my church is up to, check it out!” Your friends may be in need of some devotional time with God, and you sharing Pocket Church may be just what their soul needs at that moment. Plus, if you share enough… it might give you the courage to invite them to church come the Fall — you never know what the Spirit may do!

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Rev. Sarah Teichmann

Pastor of Christian Formation

Pastor Sarah served as Pastor of Christian Formation at St. Peter’s from 2014 – 2021. She now serves the wider church as a partner at Kirby-Smith Associates.


    1. Mary — you can view the episodes through the Facebook or YouTube app through the links above, or you can always just visit this page in your web browser. If you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you’ll get a notification when a new episode is released!

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