Pastor’s Email Devotion, May 31, 2015 — Tamara Boyhont, Guest Dewvotioneer

Pastor’s Email Devotion — Guest Devotioneer, Tamara Boyhont
The Week following Holy Trinity Sunday
May 31, 2015

Editor’s Note – My thanks to Tamara for sending along the devotion below, this morning for our reflection and use this week. Bless you for jumping in, Tamara! ~~PR
“ The boys on the beach”, sounds like a fun time at the beach, a book title, or even a fun song. To my Dad who said this quote last weekend, it was a life changer. The beach he was talking about was Omaha Beach, Normandy, France on D-day. He was 19 years old and his Navy (he knows the number and type of ship) ship that delivered the foot soldiers to the beach was sunk on D-day. He and the other Navy boys/men had to head for the beach and do the best they could. Dad has told the story in bits and pieces and the piece he uttered to me last Sunday, was they were three and four bodies high just lying on the beach, just boys. He saw medics working on many of the boys but there were too many for the medics. I won’t go into more as you have heard some of the stories. However, he did vow to God, and perhaps himself, that if he survived, he would do something about it. He decided to become a doctor to fix wounds, not inflict them. The oath he took on graduation form medical school and the daily working on fixing/helping people, fixed him. Yes, he has the memories, yes, they are terrible, thankfully, with God’s help he was able to live with the scar. I often wonder how he did it. Faith and belief in God that is good is what I believe fostered his life. I was awestruck and happy to find out that his favorite Bible verse, was also mine. We were just sharing about our favorites —and out of all of them- we both favor this one. Philippians 4:verses 8 and 9. (Look it up and see if it is one you want to guide you today.)

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